Germany’s Far Right: Who is AfD’s Frontrunner Alice Weidel?

Alice Weidel

On September 24th, the parliamentary elections will maybe elevate the far right party "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) into the German parliament. The party fights immigrants and its members stick out with homophobic and racist remarks over and over again. Now their candidate for chancellor, Alice Weidel, seems to contradict this profile. What drives her?


How the far right uses pop culture to reach out for the youth

We all know Berlin is a vibrant city especially attractive for young creative people. No wonder the parties trying to make it into Abgeordnetenhaus (Berlin parliament) next sunday want to lure the city's youngest into voting for them. In doing so many of the parties have had the heart to skate on the thin ice of subculture, slang, internet hypes and whatsoever. In short, the parties try pop culture and we all know where this leads us way too often.